California-based artist Andrew Meyers made all of the above portraits using Screws! Q-rious to see how? ...

This 'DIY Da Vinci' creates unique portraits of his friends and family by driving thousands of screws at various depths into planks of wood creating these unique 3-D image. The 31-year-old artist spends over 6 months and uses up to 10'000 screws to create just one these portraits.

Once the screws are in at the correct depth, he paints over each head individually to create the finished product,which looks more like a portrait than a sculpture.

Completed Works:

The Portrait below is his recent work:

Andrew Meyer could be accused of having a 'screw' loose but after seeing how amazing these portraits really are, I think he may have 'nailed' this new form of Medium.

Q-rious to find out more about Andrew Meyer, Click here

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