The Planetarium, really?


Yes really, I was invited to the planetarium on friday night and I have to say I was simply gobsmacked at the good time I had. When I was a child we went there on school outings and I remember my neck killing me from looking up, whilst sitting on excruciatingly uncomfortable chairs made for adults. Now as an adult I am excruciatingly uncomfortable on the chairs as I am too tall for them. I really should have gone again in my teens.


The Planetarium offers 2 shows weekly and I went to the Friday night 8pm show, which was focussed on the Summer Skies above us at the moment. The Show starts with a little warm up of information from the pocket rocket Rock n Roller that is Dr Claire Flanagan, I have never enjoyed humour like that in a scientific environment. She is quite brilliant, part comedian part scientist, part rock n roll.


She gave us all the info we needed in order to fully appreciate current Space News and then gave us an acerbic take on the stars and the "signs" within them, she seemed as non-plussed regarding how people managed to see some sort of Whale in the sky as we did.


At R34 it is a cheap night out and if you are lucky maybe someone will be passing around a bottle of Tequila on your evening too!


Finally.  Planetarium = good date spot! 

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