Nakhane Toure, the boy who silenced Wolves


I dont know how many of you have been to Wolves in Corlett Dr? Its one of my favourite spots, there is good cake, delicious beer, fun art, pretty people and good friends. It is however not an ideal venue for live music, it must be one of the most difficult places in Jozi to play. People dont pay attention, the tables and chairs are on top of the musician, the acoustics are difficult and the crowd is loud.


I've always enjoyed the choice of musician there, owners Shane and Angie dont just randomly let anyone play. In the same way not any musician has the balls to play there. Nakhane played there a few months ago and got away with it, this time he was well prepared to get the Wolves to be quiet and listen. Toure plays a style of music that is difficult to pin-point. There are murmurs of Bon Iver through the people watching, there is an unapologetic African guitar rhythm from the Bass as well as the acoustic guitar, the sound draws you closer bringing a need to listen. Nakhane has grown as a musician and as a performer over the last few years and he is only getting better and better.


You'll remember this review when he is playing alongside Tallest Man on Earth, Thom Yorke, Bon Iver and Chad Van Gaalen in years to come. What really appealed to me was the silence he brought to Wolves, sure nobody makes the place completely silent, but for the first time in a while people came inside when the musician was playing to hear the music. It was a beautiful sight.

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