Chinese New Year is outrageous. Its a festival that hits you from all sides, the firecrackers are uncomfortably loud and in your ear, the visuals are incredibly beautiful and the food is delicious. I loved every second of it.


The event starts officially at 6:30pm, however people party all day long. I arrived just before 6:30 at my favourite Chinese Resteraunt "Chinese Northern Cuisine", the north has beautifully fresh and light food, not the stereotypical syrupy and over rich food that we have come to expect from Chinese food. Tables for 10 are prebooked and you eat ... whatever they bring. We had any number of exquisite foods dropped on our table for R160 and you then had to pay for drinks from inside the restaurant. R160 might seem a bit pricey for Chinese, but really you are paying for an epic event. The Dragons flying from the sky and the drummers beating out a rhythm for it to dance to. 

The entire street in Cyrildene in shut down for the event and thousands of people are crammed into every crevice, its brilliant. The crowd is friendly and calm, there are no loud drunk idiots but there are a lot of children squealing at the excitement of the firecrackers.


It all ended at 10pm, for those who are afraid of the early AM hours. Me, I could have enjoyed this all night long. Its great

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Comment by The Mask on February 6, 2012 at 9:37

Damn! Can't believe I missed it

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