It’s not what you’s how you wear it

I love Shopping. Correction, I am obsessed with Shopping. Not that I have a problem or anything, but I am addicted to that surge of satisfaction I feel when the Shoe fits, so to speak, or the Gown glides on like it was made for me alone!

There is much to be learnt whilst mastering the Art of Shopping. This Sport introduces you to new Places and new Things and increases your heart rate. As they say, the fastest way to get to know a Woman is to go Shopping with her. I’m fierce when it comes to navigating a Mall, and I take no prisoners. If you’re Shopping with me, make sure you’ve donned something comfortable and you’re ready to walk for miles.

Shopping is one of my guilty pleasures, and let’s be honest, whoever said money can’t buy happiness, simply didn’t know where to go Shopping! Although, I am the first to declare that there is more to Life than Material Possessions, but there is something enticing about purchasing Pretty things.

Now Pretty need not be exorbitantly Unaffordable, in fact, Pretty is completely unrelated to your Purse-strings. It is a popular belief that Expensive equals Exquisite – not so much - I once witnessed a Woman dressed head to toe in Dolce & Gabbana, and she looked positively putrid. Style is innate; it involves the Artistry of putting together Pieces of assorted Patterns, Prints and Price points to create a Seamless, Stylish end Product. Just because you bought it from a Boutique does not make it Beautiful. You can work Lumo and Lace, or Pearls and Prints on any Budget, and turn every head in Town.

No disrespect to Designers, the Label does come with a Legacy; and there are many pièces de résistance in my wardrobe that came with a hefty price tag attached – but here is la différenceI bought them because I fell in love with them not because I fell for the illusion of the Label.

Fashion is fleeting but Style is timeless. I consider myself to be Fashion-forward and I love a hot Trend; but you will not find me in flatforms just because they are Fashionable. If it doesn’t do anything for my legs, you won’t catch me in it, despite who is wearing it on the Red Carpet. It is about creating your own Style, not copying someone else’s. By all means, use your Style Icon as your Inspiration, but don’t become an Imitation.

When it comes to your Wardrobe, dress for your figure not for the Fashion pages – if it works for you, wear it, if it looks Beautiful, buy it in every Colour; but if you find yourself tugging at the hemline of your High-waisted Shorts that Kim Kardashian wore to the Grammy’s, then they’re not for you.

Wear the Clothes…don’t let them wear you…




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