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Whether you own an iPad, notebook, laptop or playbook… you have a lot more than the latest technology at your fingertips – you have a world of shopping at your disposal with the click of a button. Literally.

I am somewhat traditional in a sense, and prefer the tactile experience of going into a store and feeling clothes, fitting them and once I have deemed them fabulous, only then are they worthy of joining me on my journey home. I never really caught onto this whole e-commerce “online shopping” outburst. Not until now.

I am mildly alarmed and slightly panicked at how simple it is to lasso a pair of Louboutins or make your move on the latest Michael Kors tote at the click of a button. I find myself flipping through the fashion pages; and my fingers, at a pace that seems beyond my bodily control, keep clicking ‘add to cart’, until, before you know it, I have rung up a small fortune, which I am having delivered to my door in just 72 hours, from the United States!

Now, whilst this is incredible – I mean one day the pumps are perched on a shelf in Saks Fifth Avenue and three days later they are sitting pretty in my closet in Sandton – this is also one of the most decadent and dangerous sports imaginable. You can shop for couture in your comfiest slippers and ‘visit’ designer stores in a vest and boxer shorts. Forget finding a parking, and missioning around a mall for your fashion finds: all you need to shop in cyber space is internet connection and a credit card – très dangereux.

Now I am a marathon shopper, all the women in my family seem to be; but online shopping gives marathon a new boost of vitamin b! Whilst we may eventually tire after several hours of traipsing around the shops; in the comfort of your own home, all you need is a refill of coffee and you are back on board - why sleep when you can shop? With the amount one can spend on plastic, it is a surprise one can get any sleep at all!

Introduced to this sinful shopping form by my fabulous stylist and friends, our excuse is: “but you can’t get it in South Africa.” If this reasoning makes us feel better about our excessive purchases, why not?

Anyway, I better go, I need an über fabulous outfit for an all-white party this weekend and Chanel is so classic and crisp in white…oooohhhhhh aahhhhhhhh…

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