No, it’s not that hard bit found in the middle of an apple. Core refers to something a lot more sinister than a seed container to which a stem attaches. Core is a big buzzword in Fitness, and I found out the excruciating way, that the Core is what is supposed to support me during Exercise, relieving strain on my lower back, and strengthening my stomach muscles so that everything improves – from my posture to my pipes and my lungs to my lunges. (But do not be fooled by the generous “appearance” of the Core)

I was introduced to this “Core” during my first proper Pilates class. Let me give you a little bit of background. I have tried every form of exercise. From Cross-fit to Cross-country, Kickboxing to Karate and Spinning to Synchronized Swimming; In my Pursuit, I haven’t found anything that I could really connect with. Until I came across Pilates.

I had tried this form of Exercise in the Gym many a time; but the class of 30 gave the Trainer enough distraction to miss a few sunken glutes and overarched backs, and hence I never saw any sort of result. Until I tried my first personal Pilates class. It changed my Life. Literally.

I think it has a lot to do with my Trainer. I am mesmerised by the Passion that is injected into every Session, and the fact that I have never repeated anyCclass twice. From the Reformer to Repetitions, every Time is a unique Experience. I never know what to expect, and I love that. The only element I can ensure is that the Class is going to stretch my limits. It challenges me, overwhelms me, pushes me and kills me; but the sense of satisfaction outweighs the extreme exhaustion and perpetual pain permeating from every muscle in my body...and that is over 600.

My Pilates Classes elevate the meaning of getting “whipped into shape” to a whole new level. My Shape is being sculpted by sweat and squats and it has made me realise that no matter how many products advertise quick fixes – there is only one way to achieve the Body you desire…and that is hard work. I am putting in my 10 000 hours, and having joined a Group Class this week, I am pushing myself to new heights, and breaking new boundaries with my Body. I am loving every second of this “expensive torture,” but the rapid results are worth every cent and crunch…and hey, even my Core, has the strength to show for those extra 10 reps.


When it comes to Exercise, I say, find something you love to do that challenges you Physically and Mentally; teamed with a Trainer who knows how to ignite your Passion and push your Boundaries…and sit back (hinging on your hamstrings, at a ninety degree angle, holding dumbbells) and make the magic unfold right before your very eyes.







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