We live in an instantaneous Age where Gratification is immediate and Convenience is everything.

Where there is no Convenience, we are immeasurably inconvenienced; and when we are informed that we will have to “wait” or “come back at a later time”, seething seems to sum up our demeanour. The phrase “for your convenience,” lights up our lives, as it translates to thoughts such as “we have personally removed the trouble for you by preparing this,” or “we know you don’t have time to bother yourself with menial tasks, so we have completed those on your behalf.” You cannot put a price on Convenience; people will pay almost anything to eradicate effort.

Now when it comes to Convenience, the notion is synonymous with Cell Phone Banking, Online Bookings, Drive-Through Diners and Ready-made Meals. Whether it’s a Summer Salad, or an Aromatic Risotto, a Food Market hosts a horde of Convenience, but never did I imagine that a Man would encompass the extent of their Offering...

So there I am, faced by the rows of Ready-made Meals, poring over the fridge’s Finest Offerings of Frutti di Mare Fettuccine and Creamy Carbonara; and lo and behold, I come across Tall, Dark and Handsome - one of my preferred pickings…“Hard to choose,” he purred in a deep timbre… I flashed him a smile, and like a flash in a pan, he became an excellent option, an Aperitif if you will. So, as the Karmic Korma battled it out over the Pumpkin Panzerotti, Mr Convenience entertained me with his tales of torturous two minute Meals, and how the array of Choices somehow inconvenienced the Convenience of it all, for him.

We conveniently exchanged details, and have been seeing each other ever since…it’s just so Convenient…

Who knew you could bag a Man and a Bolognaise….now that’s Convenience in a Class all of its’ own…



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Comment by Shaamila Cassim on August 31, 2012 at 15:07

How convenient for you! ;)

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