So I've just collected my media accreditation for the Grahamstown National Arts Festival 2012. To use the festival's strap-line, "Welcome to Amazing" fundis! Quite nifty to have the world's second largest arts festival in my hometown, don't you think? Yep - only Edinburgh pips us; and this year's ArtsFest fringe programme is bigger even than the "burgh's".

The festival programme booklet that my media pack came with, is over 250 magazine pages long - with up to six individual offerings per page in places. MAMMOTH!  Magnificent! More than I can bear! Too much! Perfect! Huge! Evocative! Breathtaking! You cannot begin to imagine how many have put their all on the line and are baring their hearts and their creativity to a world flooding in to see them! Between visitors and performers, 100 000 people will flow in and out of Gtown for the next 11 days. The town's population literally doubles. 

Check out where the programme can be viewed online.

Indeed my fine-feathered-fundi-friends, online at ArtsFest is where it's at for fun-dudes and fundis one and all  - because beyond my usual blogfull of musical musings, artrageous arty-facts and performance ponderings, neofundi has partnered with Cue - the fest's official online newspaper, TV and radio network and content provider - becoming one of a handful in the country to have Cue syndication. Why? Because love is the answer! Because this is neofundi and fest is fun! Because the exquisite sight and sound palette of ArtsFest just has to be seen and heard to be believed! Because this is human creative beauty at its most delicious, and every fundi should to get a taste.

... Because creation and creativity is what fundis breathe and we're about to turn the arts aircon all the way up to 'red is for racy'. So get ready to gulp it all in. I'm not exhaling till next Sunday!

Tomorrow it all begins! "Overnight me to Amazing Scotty."  

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Comment by alexandra avgitidis on June 27, 2012 at 18:43

Can't wait!

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