Open the Doors to Positivity, Health and Opportunities with Vastu

Vastushastra is a traditional system of architecture that is considered to be a science in ancient Hindu texts. When one talks about the vastu of a home, they are not just talking about designs, measurements, layout and arrangement and geometry of space for functionality and aesthetics but also about their influential significance in your life.

Many people in Kolkata choose to ignore vastu and buy homes and offices with vastu defects. This causes a lot of hindrance and problems in their lives. Although many people might brush off the sudden arrival of many troubles and issues at same time as bad luck or a bad phase, persistent problems might have a long term negative impact. These problems are difficult to get rid of unless you take the help of the best vastu consultant in Kolkata.

Reasons Why Vastushastra is Important

Vastu defects will cause conflicts, disharmony, health issues, financial troubles, etc, depending on the direction and type of defect that exists. A home or office that is constructed according to vastu is comfortable, easy to use, structured well, enhances spiritual well-being, promotes maximum flow of positivity, helps in the realisation of the higher self, and brings in success.

Why You Need a Vastu Consultant?

Kolkata is a highly populated city with more and more people coming in for work. There are many apartments, homes and offices that are being constructed every day, but not every construction is made according to vastushastra. This can lead to a lot of problems later after you start using the space. Sometimes people ruin a vastu aligned home by laying it out in the wrong way i.e., using a wrong room as a bedroom for married couples or placing the bed in the wrong direction.

Although you might think that these things are not in your control, they do have an impact on your life. A vastu consultant suggests solutions or remedies which open the channels of positive energy. In case you have set your home or office in the wrong manner which is blocking the flow of protective energy, a vastu consultant can change some of parts of the setting to align it according to the flow of energy which will be beneficial to you.

When Must You Contact a Vastu Consultant?

You must always contact a vastu consultant if you are planning to construct a new home or office. This is because he/she can support and advise you from the very beginning so that your home or office is not only constructed well but is aligned with the flow of energy.

If you do not know whether your current home or office was constructed according to vastushastra or not, you must contact a vastu consultant if the following things happen:

  • Unknown fear assails you when you are using this space
  • There is a marked lack of peace
  • Confusion and anguish prevail
  • Constant losses, hurdles or health issues are observed

The vastu inspired architectural design integrates nature and yantras with minute attention to symmetry and directions to enhance the energy of any space, be it a home or an office. Any space that is constructed by man should be in perfect harmony with nature to ensure the influx of positive energies. When your home or office has the right energies flowing, you will feel that you are safe, positive and happy.

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