2012, the year of the dragon, is said to be one of immense change for almost everyone. While I'm still an undecided astrologer, always reading the insert but adding a healthy serving of cynicism to the appraisal, the year has started off promisingly. 

So with summer still in our midst and the delayed activation of my workout routine (which I supposed to be my change), I have been extra vigilant with my diet. On a normal day, diet-friendly food is horrid. It wreaks of punishment and doesn't ever keep my palate interested. 

To attest to my prior statement - I still have 18 of the 20 meal replacement sachets that I bought last year because...well... because I simply couldn't. I love the taste, texture and colour of real food FAR too much, which means that I will probably have to run until my dying or my legs fall off. Which ever comes first. 

This salad is something I learned from my old house mate who is obsessed with Thai cuisine. It's a flash fried tender stem broccoli salad with soy and mirin sunflower seeds and feta. It's not just beautiful and crunchy but also delicious. 


a hand full of sunflower seeds

1 T soy sauce

2-3 T mirin

1 t olive oil

half a packet of tenderstem broccoli cut on the diagonal into bite-sized pieces

feta to taste


  • Put a non-stick pan on high and toast the sunflowers seeds. Add in the soy and mirin and coat the seeds. Put to one side
  • In the same pane, add a splash of olive oil and throw the broccoli in. Keep the stems crisp (± 1min)
  • On a plate, add the broccoli to the soy-coloured seeds and sprinkle with feta. 
PS: I often add in some extra salad leaves or strips of ostrich or chicken coated in Nomu's All-for-one rub. 

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Comment by alexandra avgitidis on February 2, 2012 at 18:16

Sounds healthy, quick and delicious. I'm adding this to my recipe file.

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