The search for South Africa’s next Miss Veet SA has begun, bringing to life the dreams of many young women and offering them some incredible opportunities…but before we “jump the gun” by moving to the future too hastily, we catch up with former Miss SA, Melinda Bam (Veet Brand Ambassador) and Katlego Phajane, the current Miss Veet SA (2014) on embodying their roles and offering young ladies some special advise on becoming a better you.

1.     What does being Miss Veet SA entail?

Melinda:         A Miss Veet is a young vibrant young woman who embodies the different qualities and values that Veet represent, such as femininity, confidence, ambition, spontaneity, and charisma. She is someone who celebrates her womanhood and embodies the ideals of a “real” modern woman who believes that she can do anything, and do it with grace and style.  Our expectation of a Miss Veet is to be a spokesperson of the brand, to engage with our consumers and to seize the different opportunities that the year will expose her to, always putting Veet at the forefront of what she does. To have a coveted title such as Miss Veet will also enable her to attend different events in that capacity, do photo-shoots, TV appearances, interviews and brand advertorials, attend different mentoring sessions with myself and other high-profile women in the industry which allows her to enrich herself as a person, but also to pay it forward in the search of the next Miss Veet.

Katlego:          To help young women be able to execute their life’s plan and achieve greater goals, to help encourage every woman to love her femininity.


2.     What has been your most-loved moment whilst being an ambassador for Veet/Miss Veet SA?

Melinda:         One of my most-loved moments as a Veet ambassador was definitely the mentoring sessions at the Veet Villa during the build up to Miss Veet 2014. Being able to share knowledge and advice that I’ve acquired through the years working in the industry, was a lovely experience.  Seeing young ladies who remind me so much of myself a few years ago and knowing that I can somehow play a role in their journey and success is probably one of the most gratifying things you can do. As a Veet ambassador, it is very important to me that I consistently showcase the Veet qualities and values, because it reminds me that being a women is truly a remarkable thing that you can celebrate in many different ways.

I always enjoy myself doing these Veet activations, talking about health, personal grooming, funny things about being a woman, and of course how to become a beautiful successful young women, because every young lady relates to that, and should know that celebrating our femininity starts with the little things…

Katlego:          Being able to see myself grow from all the mentoring I've been getting from Melinda Bam.

3.     Your fav Veet product?

Melinda:         I adore the supreme essence Wax strips for legs, arms and bikini wax. It works really well for my sensitive skin, and leaves my skin feeling smooth and soft for up to 2 weeks, and I can do it in the comfort of my own home.  I also love the Precision wax because it works fantastic for small areas like eyebrows or your face.  I often use the Veet Sensitive hair removal Cream for maintenance on special occasions and photo shoots, because it leaves my skin smooth all over while moisturizing, and gives my skin a glow.

Katlego:          My fav is the Veet Supreme essence shower cream. It’s enriched with a blend of Essential Oils, and scented with Velvet Rose. You’ll have not just smooth, but silky-soft, pampered skin – and hair re-growth feels softer too. I always feel silky smooth and radiant.

4.     Your personal prep for the perfect summer body?

Melinda:         Make sure there are no unruly hairs anywhere!!! Because I tend to wear far less make up in summer, there is a greater focus on my body’s skin, and grooming is then essential! You really need less to cover up, less make-up and allow your perfectly Veet smooth skin, to be the hero this summer.  I also wear a lot of sunscreen to maintain a glow, but not damage my skin in the sun, and today there are many bronzers and spray tans, to have that summer tan, without charred skin.

Katlego:          My best and easiest way of toning up is some light cardio such as jogging and skipping followed by few in house workouts.

5.     Being busy and an ambassador requires going from the "office" to "glam event"...what is your best "on-the-go" fashion tip?

Melinda:         My tip is to have a couple of accessories, like glam earrings, statement necklaces, a clutch and shoes to match in my car. If ever you need something to spice up your outfit, those will do the trick, and to add, throw in a deep side parting or high bun, and a bold lip to transform any outfit.

Katlego:          My on the go tip would be having mascara, lip gloss and a pair of heels that go with most of your clothes. With theses three items I can easily transcend from one space to another.

6.     What is the one beauty product you are NEVER without?

Melinda:         Eye cream and at least ‘a’ wax strip in my bag in case of emergencies, or to solve someone else’s. I have encountered many ladies who arrive at a bikini shoot with a pair of tweezers to solve a “certain problem”…and then I can confidently jump to their rescue. I also carry eye cream/gel with me, to revitalise my skin on a long day.

Katlego:            Veet of course... Because it’s what beauty feels like

7.     Being in the limelight can be somewhat daunting...What is the one thing you do for an instant confidence boost? 

Melinda:         I remind myself that greatness expects of you to rise to every occasion. Every moment asks of you to push yourself and to grow, and that thought somehow does it.

Katlego:            I always say a silent prayer. Best way to help calm your nerves.

8.     What advice can you offer to the contestants entering Miss Veet SA 2015?

Melinda:         To focus on being the best version of THEMSELVES and to know what is expected of them. If you focus on what other girls are doing and what they’ve done to prepare, and what they look like, you shift all the focus away from you. Focus on you, and do YOU the best way you know how. We look for girls with authenticity, because that is usually the X-factor that you can’t rehearse or fake. It is also important to know whom you’ll be representing and to live that brand, in other words, make sure you embody all the qualities of Veet Confident Women.

Katlego:          Don't pretend to be someone you're not to impress the judges because that is when they see right through you. Be yourself and accept that you're imperfectly perfect. Stand out from the crowd. This year Miss Veet is looking for confident, savvy and sophisticated women who are endeavor to radiate their natural beauty with confidence.


CALL TO ACTION: To enter Miss Veet SA 2015 and to find out more about the phenomenal prizes up for grabs, valued at R250 000, go to
Entries close on 22 October 2014.

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