The rockabilly hair revival has been gradually gaining momentum over the last two years. The hairstyle displayed through the 1930’s through to the 1950’s inspired retro hair at the menswear fashion shows over the past few years. Designers such as Jil Sander and Thomas Maier at Bottega Veneta sent out model after model showing playful Quiffs accessorised with rockabilly string ties and greaser gear. The message then and there became clear…the rockabilly hair was back, and through this revival, it remained the key vintage-revival.


Fashion is upon us again, just in the year of 2012 and with it, the status of rockabilly hair changes. With the 1950’s era having an influence on spring 2012′s fashion, this is most certainly one hairstyle that has ended up with bearing to both men and women.

When you think of the rockabilly hairstyle, the image of James Dean, Elvis Presley and John Travolta in Grease are the icon’s that immediately spring to mind. The hairstyle constituted slick back hair, bearing the name ‘greaser’. The top and the back were kept longer in length and the sides were short, allowing parting and a slicked back feel. The “ducktail”, also known as the duck’s ass or ‘D.A’ is another variation where a central part runs down the head with the side sections curled in.


The rockabilly aesthetic and culture really shook-up the traditional responsiveness of mainstream music and fashion of the post-war 50s. The wholesome “pure” teenager was gone, and the spirit of rebellion, rock n’ roll, B Movies and racy Bettie Page types came about. Music was not the only good trend that came out of this era, the rockabilly hairstyle became a huge feature as well. Yes, fashion does have that “circle of life” essence, as does everything, the rockabilly hairstyle has been on and off since its creation. In the 80’s era, the style evolved due to other musical icon’s such as Morrissey and his ilk who gave the quiff a new look on life.

Throughout Japan there has always been a large rockabilly subculture. One can take a stroll down to a particular downtown park in Tokyo and you’ll be graced with a gathering of extravagant “greaser-types” treating passers-by to a variety of rich dance routines while lip-synching to vintage rock ‘n’ roll music.


How to: men’s rockabilly hairstyle

Though high-maintenance, rockabilly hair is unquestionably awesome and demonstrates major style credentials.

Some pointers:

The classic rockabilly cut is long on top and very short on the sides and back.


Firstly, shampoo and towel-dry your hair and then liberally apply pomade with your fingers.

Choose if you want a parted greaser style, a slicked-back greaser style or a pompadour.


Comb the hair straight back or part your hair and comb it back.


Use your fingers to tease the front, turning any curls into defined curls. You may wish to use a little beeswax to piece out a few curls.


If you wish to do the pompadour, you’ll want to use less grease pomade and more beeswax.


Use your hair dryer to dry your hair straight up, using a brush to lift the hair and applying beeswax at the roots to help it stand up. Use a comb and your fingers to guide the hair back, maintaining the required volume in front.

If you require that "straight out of the shower look" one leaves hair wet and puts a small amount of gel in the hair and blow-dry's it. The trick to getting real height is to get some gel at the roots and blow dry it upside down, while bending over. Once it’s standing high, use beeswax or another firm holding gel.


How to wear it

If you want to go all-out and be a true rockabilly fundi, then pairing your new hair with suitable clothing and accessories is essential. The look is 50s, whereby one uses predominantly black, red and white colours. Leather jackets, gingham, vintage bowling shirts, slacks, crepe soled shoes and jeans (preferably vintage-look Levi 501s) is a start. The current model for the neo-rockabilly look is skinny black jeans, printed T-shirts or baggy white wife beaters, button-up shirts, skinny ties, universal wanderer sunglasses and a fitted leather jacket.


Our Vintage Inspiration

Elvis Presley-The official king of the quiff

Elvis and his hairstyle was and will always be emulated across the globe. Tall and jet-black, his unique hair really did turn him into a global icon.

James Dean

Live fast, die young is the inspiration that goes hand-in-hand with the rockabilly spirit of James Dean and there’s no star that emulates this more than him. Due to the richness of imagery and pop culture mythology surrounding this late-actor, both he and his hairstyle are with us forever.

Johnny Cash

Country music legend and one of the greatest pioneers of the hairstyle, Johnny Cash was one of the most prominent advocates of rockabilly hair during the 1950s.


This handsome man singlehandedly brought rockabilly hair back from the grave during the 80s.  Morrissey’s gravity-defying hair was copied by millions ensuring his place in the rockabilly hall of fame.



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