“Lead, don’t follow.” Leigh Schubert

Fashion has always flowed through Leigh Schubert’s veins as she began designing clothes for her dolls at the tender age of six. She believes that fashion is a way to announce who you are to the world, and is the cover to your soul.

With her greatest challenge in the fashion industry being trying to please everyone, Leigh believes that fashion will always be a motivator. She inspires young people by being leading by example as a successful entrepreneur and businesswoman, having chosen fashion as her vehicle.

Leigh believes in the power of mentorship, and has been mentored by her very first boss in the industry Paul Moseley, and his partner David, who now work with her. Without their support and guidance over the last twenty years, she believes she wouldn’t be where she is both personally and professionally.

South Africa has afforded Leigh a host of incredible opportunities as a designer, and she was honoured to design the kit for the Olympics opening ceremony in London, for the South African athletes in 2012, alongside the likes of Stella McCartney and Giorgio Armani. She receives compliments daily from her greatest fan, her husband, which makes difficult days of designing
worthwhile. Leigh believes that her optimism, self-belief and positivity has propelled her to where she is today.

She is inspired by her style icon, fashion designer, art collector, model, film producer and actor Daphne Guinness, and today, Leigh designs clothing for real women. She knows who her customers are and what they want, and this makes her business commercially viable. As she grows, along with her business, the satisfaction she derives from having more and more people love, buy and wear what she creates encourages her to keep on designing.

Inspired by the diversity of African fashion, Leigh is proud to be amongst African designers who aren’t afraid to stand out or make a statement, as they remain accessible and approachable.

In years to come, Leigh hopes to see fashion evolve to become more ethical and exclusive, with cheap, disposable fashion replaced with affordable quality. When Leigh isn’t designing, she’s decorating, and always keeping her creative spirit engaged.

The inspiration behind this Collection is superheroes, and in particular females, who are generally heroic in the various roles that they play. From Clark Kent to Superman, the contrasts are clear in the Collection, with vintage meeting futuristic. This is the first time Leigh is showcasing in a number of years, and is excited to present her vision on the platform, in a collaboration with Mimco.

We look forward to celebrating the multi-faceted modern woman and all the roles she plays with Leigh Schubert at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Cape Town 2017 taking place from the 23rd-25th March.

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