“I see you shiver with anticipation.” Rocky Horror Picture Show

In his black leather loafers and Armani jacket, it is hard to imagine Craig Port as the “beach bum” that he describes himself as; but his passion for the sea and coastal living has moulded his aesthetic as a fashion designer, and given his body of work a distinctive sense of occasion.

Craig fell in love with fashion accompanying his father, a renowned shirt designer, to the factory every Saturday as a child. Bowled over by beautiful fabric, immaculate tailoring and craftsmanship made an indelible mark on him, and ignited his passion for clothing production.

Starting out as a shirt designer himself, when clothing was viewed as a necessity rather than a platform for expression and creative indulgence; with the introduction of democracy, came a shift towards creative expression in the fashion arena. This freedom of expression in South Africa has afforded Craig and fellow fashion designers exploratory opportunities to push boundaries.

Craig has always pushed the envelope, and his greatest achievement, apart from fatherhood, is the incredible freedom of expression that comes with designing his own brand. The autonomous platform allows him to explore a multitude of disciplines including accessories, underwear, swimwear, fragrances and furniture.

This freedom is amplified by borderless opportunities such as showcasing at Fashion Weeks in Mexico and Stockholm, which he aims to share with young designers starting their careers, with the development of the Richard Bloom Foundation – providing support and practical training for young designers entering the industry.

The key to his continued success, with which he aims to inspire young designers, is that everything comes to those who do. Success cannot be fast-tracked as creatives have to pay their dues. After all, success is sweeter for those who have worked for it and sacrificed something to achieve it.
Craig has certainly paid his dues and produced his first collection in 2004.

He continues to evolve with a passion for fusing modern design with retro classics. Looking back often inspires the future, and his attention to timeless styles and silhouettes inspires the creation of wearable collections. With a fascination for the fashion of the 1970’s era awakened Craig’s appreciation for design and inspired him to keep looking to the past for future inspiration.

When he isn’t designing, you can find him holidaying in Mykonos or at the Opera, but you’ll never find him at a bachelor party, unless his style icon, French Fashion Designer, Hubert de Givenchy could make an appearance.

Dedicated to a vision of style that is as sophisticated as it is street, as iconic as it is modern, he has created an enduring empire with an international appeal, and this collection is no different.

A co-ed collection, inspired by the international trend of showcasing menswear and womens wear simultaneously; features a bold statement of colour, including magenta, yellow, coral, black, white and metallics juxtaposed with geometric shapes and oriental florals. The collection is a stylish statement of beauty and positivity amidst a despairing global political climate.

We look forward to the bold and the beautiful offering from Craig Port at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Cape Town 2017 taking place from the 23rd-25th March.

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