Maria Netsounski - Passion Dream In-Flight

Photographer Maria Netsounski, who is also known as "Bulka", has shaped a phantasmagorical collection through employing the art of mid-air suspension. Some of her imagery gives off the appearance of a moment that is caught in time when things have gone chaotic. In one of the images, papers get flung through the air while a floating women with a grief stricken expression on her face, foresees her predestined fate of falling. Other imagery is more serene, as if the subject lives in a different world, whereby giant exercise balls float around. They are not out of the ordinary but each scene tells a different story in Netsounski's surreal collection which is entitled Passion Dream In-Flight.

Even though there appears to be several unrelated stories, there is undeniably a common aesthetic appeal that links them all. Maybe it's the girly fascination in each of the dresses, or the little novelties that lie in the background that draws counterparts. Whatever it may be, the fashioning and set design does play equally crucial roles in setting the gravity-defying scenes.


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