One of our favourite brands from Preview: The Designer Collection, which forms part of the Europa Art Group, is Loriblu by Graziano Cuccù, the gifted Italian designer and shoe maker.

Cuccù started the brand in the 1970’s from his love of shoes and a desire of being a successful entrepreneur.  In his basement, he used an old broken washing machine and turned it into a leather ‘beating’ machine (quoted by him) and so started creating feminine, hand-sewn leather shoes which have become world renowned today.

The family run business has turned into a dynasty of luxury goods with shoes not being their only focus.  Loriblu has become a company of designer apparel, featuring modern handbags made from exotic leathers, sunglasses, clothing manufactured from lace and silk fabrics, sexy beachwear and an array of bejewelled shoes.

Although his clothes aren’t available to buy at a store in SA as yet, you can purchase Loriblu’s trend-setting accessories at all Preview stores. 

For more information on store locations etc. contact: Europa Art Group

Phone: +27 (0) 11 455 0917


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