With the festive season upon us and holidays on the horizon, everyone is getting their party look on...I know girls who spend untold fortunes on high-end brand mascaras as well as sitting for hours to have their lashes extended to supreme lengths. Well, I'm ditching the summer waterproof mascara and going 'au naturel'...with a little help from my NBF, MD Lash Factor TM. I know it's been around for some time now, but due to my super scepticism, I had to see whether it works for other people, as it just seems too good to be true. Girls who are not blessed with thick, long, voluminous lashes (usually have boyfriends with those) or those of us who are experiencing the disappearing act of eyes and lashes as we age, will be thrilled to know that this product actually works.

 It's not instant gratification mind you, it takes some weeks of waiting, but it's all worth it in the end. Callia Doucas, owner of Pure Aesthetics in Linksfield, says:

"I used to put eyelash extensions on for my summer beach holidays. They were such a pain as firstly, I’d need to sit still in a chair for over 2 hours to have them painstakingly attached one at a time. Then I always felt like I’d damage them by diving into the water, wiping my face down or sleeping on them. And then of course there’s the random falling out of lashes after a few weeks which would drive me insane. So now, I don’t feel the need to use eyelash extensions at all, and the added benefit is that I don’t need mascara during the day either. Double bonus!"

 You need to put a line of MD Lash along the base of your lashes at bedtime and by the third week you'll start noticing a difference. Further good news:

• Safe for contact lens wearers.
• Hypoallergenic
• Gentle formulation for sensitive eyes.
• Ophthalmologist and dermatologist tested.
• Paraben Free

The product is quite pricey: R790 and yes, once you stop using it, your new full lashes will gradually go back to what they used to be...but, if you have a maintenance plan in place, like using your MD Lash every other night or 3 times a week, your full lashes will stick around! You'll find it at:

Pure Aesthetics

011 485 2887


Mine is in my Christmas stocking already....

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