Steven Spielberg’s Oscar-winning breakout movie JAWS is feted for John Williams’s iconic score and cult lines uttered by Roy Scheider, Robert Shaw and Richard Dreyfuss, but a revisit of the era-defining film reveals it to be a sartorial crystal ball. NOWNESS invited Marc Hare, the style blogger and designer known as Mr. Hare, to assess the film’s menswear looks by annotating stills he found to be startlingly prescient. “In 1975 there was no punk, no disco, no computers, no CGI and no men’s fashion magazines,” he says. “Yet everybody in the film looks like a modern day hipster.” Hare launched his footwear-obsessed blog in 2008, before leaping into designing in 2009 with an eponymous shoewear collection of updated classics; the brand is stocked at boutiques including Harvey Nichols, Harrods and Colette.


Mr. Hare's Iconic JAWS Looks

1. In a film that did more for faraway staring than any other, I am singling out this image for the fierce attitude and accessorizing displayed by Roy Scheider. How many photographers and male models would give up their assistant’s right arm for a contributor’s picture like this? Stylistically, it is the Balenciaga collection that never happened. Remember the first women’s denim collection under [Nicolas] Ghesquière, with the sweats? Should have been a natural progression.


2. Three guys in chambray and cotton gymwear take a boat ride off the coast of Amity, Florida, around spring break. Everyone else is rocking Katin shorts or Speedos, but these guys need daily changes. I heard, in the original script, Robert Shaw [the shark hunter Quint] was only required to leave his top two buttons undone, but he had recently spent some time in the Bay Area, so decided to go “method.” Richard Dreyfuss, meanwhile, is rocking thigh-high waders with suspenders and some early proto-cotton Orlebar Browns.


3. Here is Robert Shaw trailblazing with a look all too familiar to late night East London and fringes of Williamsburg. A look we will call “The Meatpacker Bear.” The hat is pure Nasir Mazhar (Google it). The cashmere knit: Marc Jacobs. The apron: is that Rick Owens? The cut down hot pants: Alexander Wang. And the boots are Martine Rose for Caterpillar (Google that, too).


4. I would kill baby sharks for Murray Hamilton's jacket. Remove the anchors and replace them with snakes—2010 Raf Simons. This is 1975, remember: a time when Vogue may have been toying with the over-the-shoulder mackintosh look, but the deputy mayor of Amity? Pure subversion. If this is not a look in Burberry AW12 then, somebody should get Christopher Bailey the Blu-ray for Christmas.


5. The chambray shirt, the crewneck knit, the grey marl sweatshirt and the indigo denims, available from a retail behemoth near you. Who would have thought that “real man shark hunting gear” from 1975 would be “new man shopping at Whole Foods gear” in 2011?


6. Where most people were hiding their faces at the brutal demise of the paternal hero of the film, I, in my early fashion haze, could only see sharkskin pants. The way Robert Shaw has bludgeoned the shark’s cheek into a pleat had me pondering experimentations in volume around the crotch. And look what the combination of blood-splattered chambray against the contrast of the teeth (accessories) has done for his complexion. And the gloves… Major!




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