Kálice | Multifunctional Oil


The Queen of Oils has arrived in South Africa - Kálice!!


Ruling with 7 Precious vegetable oils for hair, face and body.


If you are looking for the ultimate all in one moisturiser that gives beautiful Hair & Skin - THIS IS IT!!

Kálice is a premium multifunctional product with vitamin E and 7 precious vegetable oils for hair, body and face: Argan, Myrrh, Macadamia, Ojon, Sweet almonds, Jasmine and Rosemary. It is a special combination is moisturising, nourishing, restorative, antioxidant, softening, protective and emollient, with light touch. In one step, Kálice penetrates deeply, moisturising hair and skin with a mild and exclusive aroma.


The oil, is of such pure form, that it penetrates and absorbs immediately into the skin, acting as the perfect anti-ager, heat protector and moisturiser, leaving you with a glow from top to toe.


This Multi-purpose, practical product, can be used with several purposes such as:

- Hair dryness

- Hair styling

- Hydration of the body and face

- Mixed with makeup

- As a make-up remover

- To clean makeup brushes


Main ingredients/Active Ingredients:

Vegetable oils of Argan, Myrrh, Macadamia, Ojon, Sweet almonds, Jasmine and Rosemary.


Advice for use:



Put the oil in your hands and spread it all over your hair or at the ends. Can be used to make humectation, before washing, or added to your shampoo, conditioner or mask treatment.



Apply throughout the body by massaging, especially on the drier areas.



Put a drop on your hands and apply it alone, with your moisturizer or daily basis. You can also use it as a make-up remover, while keeping eye and skin area moisturized at the same time.  Add a drop  to your cleanser or a drop on cotton wool and take make-up off.



And the smell of this premium & precious oil is absolutely divine! Spoil yourself this summer and get your Queen of oils today!

NOW available from our online shop www.inoar.co.za and INOAR Stockist Salons.


Functions/Benefits of oils:

 Argan & Macadamia

  • Best oils for hair
  • Anti-ager
  • Utilizes Hair Colour
  • Light weighted
  • Leaves Hair silky & smooth
  • Eliminate frizz
  • Heat Protector
  • Absorbs easily
  • Protects hair & scalp from Damage
  • Non-greasy
  • Moisturize, softens & rejuvenates
  • Protect Against Harmful environmental agents



  • One of the most Highly Valued Commodities in trade & was Cherished as a Precious Oil
  • Myrrh – Healing oil of Ancient and Modern times
  • Best Essential Oil For Hair!
  • Great For Dry, Sensitive Hair & Scalp
  • Maintain healthy skin, prevent skin aging and chapped/cracked skin
  • The Benefits of Myrrh continue to astonish us in Modern time. The essential Oil is a very powerful Antioxidant making it Effective against infection, Cancer and aging skin.
  • Cure Dandruff problems




  • Ojon Oil comes from a palm tree that grows naturally from the Caribbean to the north of Brazil, in the Amazon Rainforest.
  • Ojon oil hair products restore radiance and softness to hair damaged by environmental factors such as UV rays, heat, humidity, and hard water

·        Smooth and soften rough skin, including hands, feet, elbows, and knees

·        Restores body, volume, and suppleness to dry or damaged hair

·        Best Heat protector

·        Protects hair and skin gainst harsh sun

·        It is a heavy oil, rich in unsaturated fatty acids, best used for chemically treated, damaged or dry hair. It can be added to your shampoo, conditioner and masks and after washing to protect against the heat abuse of styling.

·        It should be used before the beach or pool, just wet your hair, apply a little bit of the oil mostly at the ends, and then braid it, wetting your hair before the ocean and pool prevents it from "drinking up" salty or chlorine water. 



Sweet almonds

Sweet almond oil is rich in vitamins A (for maintaining healthy cell membranes), B1, B6 (shown to promote hair growth) and E (rich in antioxidants that promote blood and hence nutrient circulation to the scalp). 

  • Amazing for Hair & Skin
  • Smooth, Flawless Skin
  • Deep Cleanser of hair & Skin
  • Remove dark circles
  • Anti-ager – Reduce fine lines & other signs of aging
  • Control Hair loss & Promotes Hair growth
  • Gives amazing shine to hair
  • Promote healthy nails



  • Strengthens and stops hair breakage
  • Fights scalp conditions
  • Tames frizz
  • Softens hair
  • Reduces the appearance of scars and stretch marks on your skin
  • Used to heal dermatitis and eczema
  • Treats dry, rough skin



The astringent properties of rosemary essential oil make it beneficial for skin & hair care. It contains a wide array of nutrients such as iron, calcium, vitamins and antioxidants. Thus, this oil is effective for all skin types and hair types.

·        Rejuvenates Skin – Removes wrinkels and bags

·        Treatment Of Acne – improves skin complexion by lightening dark spots & Blemishes on the skin



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