Industrial Safety Products- A Necessity for Every Industry

In order to reduce deaths, financial loses, injuries, and property damage, workplace safety is important. Workplace safety products like gloves, hearing protection, safety eyewear, safety clothing, mask, safety footwear etc enhance workers’ productivity and improve the quality of the products or services.  It also promotes good public relations. The workers of a safety workplace feel more confident to work. This is the reason why safety products suppliers in South Africa are highly in demand.

Among the five sense organs in our body, eyes are the most precious gift of God. They enable us to see the beauty of the world. Hence, protecting eyes in the workplace is the first and foremost responsibility of a worker as well as an employer. Eye injuries are very common in the workplace. It has been observed that every day approx. 2000 South African workers suffer from job-related eye injuries that require a medical treatment. However, it is suggested by safety experts that safety eye wear can help employees to prevent eye accidents.

Reasons of eye injuries:

Eyes can highly be injured by foreign objects or chemicals that can scrape or even cut cornea. Another eye injury can be caused from ultraviolet radiation exposure, splashes with oil or grease, flying metal or wood chips and burns from steam.

Laboratory assistant, health care workers, janitorial staff and other workers are at high risk of catching infectious diseases from eye exposure. Two major reasons that are responsible for eye injuries are

  1. Not using any safety eye wear
  2. Sometimes it has been seen that the workers use wrong eye protection for the job.

Wearing safety and protective goggles can keep your eyes secured and safe for a lifetime of good sight. These safety goggles are basically different from regular eye glasses. Some of the differences of safety eye glasses and regular eyeglasses are discussed below.

  • In comparison to regular eye glasses, safety eye wear offers a higher standard and impact resistance. Regular eyeglasses are termed as dress eyewear by the optical professionals. The safety goggles always meet higher standards.
  • Safety glasses may include prescription lenses or non-prescription lenses. It does not matter what the size and durability of the lenses and frames are. On the other hand, regular sunglasses never qualify as safety glasses.

Types and classifications of different safety equipment:

A lot of different varieties of safety equipment are available in the market. Some of them are discussed below-

Protection from vision and hearing loss-

In order to protect your eyes from the industrial work environment, you can use facial shields, safety hoods and safety goggles. Safety goggles or glasses keep you away from flying particles, which can severely damage your eyes. Facial shields and hoods help you to protect your face and head from burns and other chemical splashes. To protect your ears you can use ear plugs. You can also get ear muffs from the safety product suppliers that block the loud noise and save the workers from hearing loss.

Head safety equipment-

Hard hats or safety helmets are another type of safety equipment. They can save you from any type of head injury that can be caused by falling objects or bumps. An additional harness system fitted in this helmet protects you from any accidents. Hence, wearing this helmet, if you bump your head or if any object hits you, your head will not be hurt.

Height Safety equipment-

In case of height safety, a special type of safety gear is made. The industrial workers, who work on elevated surfaces, use this safety gear. The fall arrest system and harness are used in this equipment to protect the workers from dangerous falls from great heights.

Fire safety equipment-

Fire safety equipment are also used by the workers to withstand high temperature. This equipment helps people to protect themselves and their work area from fire. Nowadays, almost every workplace or industry keeps handy fire extinguisher keeping in mind the safety of the employees.

In spite of the availability of all the safety equipment, accidents happen. Hence, not only safety equipment, but emergency equipment is also required for any emergency situation. In order to treat the workers, an emergency first aid kit should be there in every workplace. 

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