Glassbonden, is a new line of ice creams produced by a dairy farm based in Selet, Sweden. But the entrepreneurial owners are far from your average Joes of the ice cream world.

Although Glassbonden (which translates from Swedish as the ice cream farmer) make a mean vanilla and chocolate, they also combine the especially creamy milk from their mountain cows with seasonal and distinctively local ingredients such as cloudberries, Vasterbotten cheese and wild meadowsweet to make ice creams that excite the most experienced ice-cream palate.

A wider launch is planned, but for now, you can indulge in the luscious concoctions at their ice cream bar located on the farm, on the shores of the river Vindelälven. Or look out for the 600 ml ice-cream tubs with playful labels designed by art director Per Lindgren at Racer, on sale around Selet and Norrbyskar, the vacation island off the coast of Umea.

I love the child-like packaging and the natural feel about this packaging, so I thought I would share it with you. It would be nice if we could get here in S.A.



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