Hugh Hefner's Iconic Bunny - Playboy

Hefner was gifted with an ironic stroke of fate when the original “Stag Club” name that was going to grace his new men’s magazine was legally blocked by Stag magazine. He needed a new handle, and the stag was soon converted to the now iconic bunny, one of the most renames in history.
In 1960, when the very first Playboy Club opened– the so-called icon of the sexual revolution was off and hopping.


         Hugh Hefner jet-setting with his Bunnies


        Bunny getting ready for magic.



        Hugh Hefner and his Playboy Bunnies at the Playboy Mansion - 1966.


        Inflatable Bunny in the surf                         Playboy Bunny chair     


           Rolling Stones paying a visit to the Playboy Club.


        Playboy Club key for members only


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