Unless you want to be a professional player, you must be playing darts for fun. Of course, if you are in a pub, league, or just with friends, a little competition is involved. Most games are based on testing the skills, but some games help you improve those skills. For example, you can learn the skill of doubling out by playing 501 or 301. However, to practice those doubles, you have to play Bob’s 27.

Playing Bob’s 27 darts involves beginning the game with a score of 27 points and shooting for doubles in order. If you can hit a double with your dart, the points are added to your score. However, if you miss the target even after throwing three darts, the points are subtracted.

Pro dart player Bob Anderson invented this game with the sole objective of practising doubles. It is not only a great practice game but also a great solo game, but you can play it with friends as well.

Rules of the game

Every player can start with a score of 27. You need to throw at a predefined double each round that would start at 1 and end at the bull. So, the number of total rounds in this game is 21. Only the doubles count during shooting. If you hit the double for a round, the total points are added to your score. However, points will be deducted if you miss the target. Your game will be over if your score reaches zero.


If you are playing the game just for general practice, keeping a running total in your mind is a great idea. Scoring 6 points in the first round would get you 33 scores. You must remember that for the next round and add it to your score before you remove the darts from the board. However, if you are working hard on improving your game, it is best to chalk each round separately.

To get better at the game, you have to point out your weakness through scoring so you can work on them harder.

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