Hélène Desplechin-Emotionally Charged Reflective Photography

The power of graphic transparency such as water and glass, usually go unnoticed. But all we need is a photographer like Hélène Desplechin, to show us the invisible influence that these elements can produce. Desplechin is a Spanish Photographer, who makes use of water’s reflective and flowing nature. The illusion of quality within the translucent materials creates distorted and reshaped subjects, offering a new, emotion-filled perspective.

Like water, glass also has a warping effect when properly subjugated. These images don’t need digital editing as Desplechin captures these effects by maneuvering around glass bowls, jars, and even shattered windows to alter her shots. Through this, she is able to alter emotions and provoke difference with the use of distortion.

Here Hélène was asked how emotions affect work and where she draws inspiration from:


"I want to show emotion and I want to have emotions. This is one of my main objectives with photography. Life is made of feelings, that's what I choose to look for. It's necessary to have the feeling one wants to transmit; sensitivity is the base. I'm looking for the little things that move me. It's an infinite search for beauty, trying to see a kind of magic in details. Learning to see things that people don’t see and then share it with them. And the more life goes on, the more I learn to enjoy those details".

"My inspiration is simple curiosity, constant observation, and astonishment by what surrounds me. A part of it is willingness to enjoy every part of it. Everyday life, is what inspires me. And that fundamental need, that I was born with, to create and to share with others my emotions."


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Comment by Candy Paula May on January 4, 2012 at 13:10

Beautiful! Thank you for posting!


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