Hand in Glove: Filorga launches Hand-Filler

When my ‘treatment’ gloves arrived on my desk, I must admit I was intrigued, if not a bit sceptical, as your age is usually quite efficiently determined by your hands and with winter settling in, my hands were looking as parched as the leaves that constantly fall off the tree by my window. Notwithstanding the generous amounts of replenishing hand cream I use, my hands really suffer in this season, so I was quite happy to slip the gloves on in the evening before watching my favourite programme on TV.

World renowned anti-ageing French skincare specialists, Filorga, have always been quite innovative with their products and this one does not disappoint.

Hand-Filler’s distinctive, opaque treatment gloves have been designed to provide the gradual release of active anti-ageing ingredients, aimed at helping to plump the skin, combat wrinkles, reduce the development of dark spots and strengthen nails. It takes around 30-minutes for active ingredients to be delivered to the targeted areas of the hands. Then moisture, body temperature, pH levels and body movement all help to optimise the controlled release of Hand-Filler’s active ingredients. As a result, the uniform release of the ingredients takes place over a period of six to eight hours following the initial contact period with the gloves.

The ingredients used are Hyaluronic Acid as well as a patented formula which targets wrinkles and fine lines. A volume-restoring active ingredient fills areas of the skin that have thinned and lost elasticity with age. My worst are the dark spots that start appearing and after wearing the gloves for 3 weeks now, they have faded, but apparently, further dark spots are prevented from forming (but use your sunscreen!) My nails are starting to look better as well and the cuticles around them have softened. Obviously, injectibles, mesotherapy and peels are highly successful when it comes to hands, but as a ‘home’ product, Hand-Filler is really effective!


For best results, Hand-Filler should be applied for a period of 30 minutes three times a week. One pair of gloves lasts for approximately 15 treatments.


Skin-Structure retails for R550.00 (One set for approx. 15 uses) and is be available at selected Edgars and Red Square stores


For more information visit www.filorgasouthafrica.co.za

For stockist information contact: (012) 567-1059

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