Every year, we make the resolution to hit the gym. Suddenly, we’re halfway through the year, and the treadmills haven’t seen us as much as they should have. Fortunately, July marks a new dawn. With spring only a few months away, it’s time to get our bikini bodies ready to hit the beach.

We might be so worried about our bodies doing their part, we often forget our skin. The largest organ of our body needs to be in tip-top shape, too!

The 3-Step Skincare Regime

1. Gentle Facial Wash

Exercise means sweating, and sweating means a higher risk of clogged pores. This can lead to breakouts on the forehead and along the jawline if your face is not washed properly or with the right products. HANNON’s GENTLE FACIAL WASH is formulated to dissolve the most stubborn post-workout grime and even makeup formulations thus preventing acne. It leaves the skin lipids intact so that your skin feels supple and fresh.


2. Ph Balancing Toner

Because it is gym season, being thorough with our skincare regime is essential. HANNON’s pH BALANCING TONER is an essential step prior to applying a moisturiser or serum. This light, refreshing, spray-on soothing and balancing toner prepares the skin and evens out the pH balance for maximum absorption of active ingredients. An absolute must-have post-gym spritz!

3. Daily Sunblock Moisturiser – SPF30

Never let colder temperatures fool you - sunscreen is a necessity throughout the year. All skin tones are at risk of skin cancer, pigmentation and rapid aging when unprotected against the sun. The DAILY SUNBLOCK MOISTURISER with MOIST 24 is a complete lightweight and oil-free moisturiser with a high UV protection.

Similar to our body, our skin needs to be revitalised and replenished after exercise.

For an at-home, post-workout treat:

Gently Enzyme Skin Peeler

The GENTLE ENZYME SKIN PEELER contains Alpha Hydroxy Acids extracted from papaya and pineapple. It is an essential part of a weekly skincare routine to dissolve protein bonds that bind dead skin cells together, allowing you to shed the cells easily and makes penetration of active ingredients more effective.

Night Creme Ultra Rich
Rejuvenating your skin while asleep, HANNON’s ultra-rich Night Crème provides a burst of moisture and added nourishment that can only be fully absorbed while and when the body is resting. It leaves the skin rehydrated and replenished - a pristine start for a morning of exercise. 

For purchasing enquries, please visit: www.hannon.co.za.

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