Great Lengths – 2013 Winter Trends

I’m envious at the best of times of women with long, lustrous, frizz-free hair as I’ve struggled for years to achieve such locks and am still pioneering toward the mark.  To me, long hair represents a lady with patience as it’s a well known fact that long hair requires much more attention and work than short hair as well as a certain level of class and sophistication if well looked after. 


The “long” hair trend is one we’ve seen continually on the runway and amongst celebrities for years.  I don’t foresee it dwindling anytime soon and don’t be fooled ladies, most celebrities seen in Hollywood and even on our own local TV shows have achieved these long, lustrous, frizz-free locks with hair extensions.


Great Lengths is known as the globally unrivalled best quality hair extension system. Developed and crafted in Italy, the fashion capital of the world and sold in over 27 countries, they’re worn by almost every major female celebrity in the world.   Made from the finest 100% human natural hair and using a bonding system which is kind to your scalp, ensures no damage to your hair.


Great Lengths hair extensions can be used for volumising, lengthening, colouring or simply adding texture to your hair.  They’re right on trend with global fashion trends and have introduced a range of hair extensions suited to your own individual style.


One of the biggest hair trends for winter is dip-dyed extensions for the daring ladies out there.  Explore the tone filled fun of ombre trends: blue concentration with hues of sea green emerges from the lighter blonde set against the face framed beach blonde fringe.  For the less daring; its natural hair colour illuminated by opposing light and dark ombre shades incorporating an infusion of warm honey to frame the face while maintaining equilibrium with the eyebrows and skin tones.

A women’s hair is her crown of glory, her identity, her individuality. So if you’re looking to spruce up your locks, pioneer on toward your closest Great Lengths hair salon for a transformation you’ve long been looking for.


For more information visit or call (011) 326-1525


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