Google Phone - World's First Android Phone

Drum roll please.....introducing the G1, the new Google phone - one of the most hotly anticipated gadgets to hit our techno-hungry world in the last few years. The world's first Android phone, the GI has been developed so users can have the Google 'instant' search experience on their phones. It boasts impressive features such as a motion sensor, which allows users to navigate Google Maps just by turning the phone. The good-looking handset features a 3.2 inch touch screen and slide-out qwerty keyboard, so it slips easily between the two functions withouth one crowding the other.

The phone was designed by San Francisco-based designers Mike and Maaike, who worked with Google to create a pioneering mobile communications device which fulfills all of our phone, internet and search needs just as efficiently as our laptops or desktops. What does it mean for Apple, we hear you wondering out loud? Time will only tell. It's certainly the first real competitor the iPhone has faced. Whatever's got us interested. We want one. Now.

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