Diamonds are a girls best friend but when you can’t afford to buy one ever so often, a new fragrance will do just as well.  Fragrance is my final accessory to every outfit and often signifies my mood so we were charmed in celebrating the launch of the new Giorgio Armani Si fragrance, meaning “YES.”


Sì to strength / Sì to dream / Sì to freedom / Sì to love / Sì to myself

 The Juice

 “When rose meets black”… a new enthralling Chypre, built on black fruit


The Sì Woman

Nothing about her is plain... Her commitment to – and desire for– frivolity; her strength, and her softness; her completely elegant sensuality; her thirst to live in freedom. She affirms what she is through nuances: recalling the duality of

black and nude, the state midway between what is and what seems to be, balancing depth and lightness. The Sì woman is free and knows how to make her vision of the world known. She represents the calm strength of femininity, and courage, the courage to say Sì!, and to state it enthusiastically.


The Details    

Giorgio Armani SÌ is in selected Edgars, Red Squeare, Stuttafords, Truworths, Woolworths and Foschini stores.

My Verdict

I love this bottle it's classic, strong and feminine. The name Si is positive and sexy. Fragrance is soft, fresh and old world. "Si" I would buy it for this summer:)


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