There's nothing like some stunning jewellery to make you feel gorgeous and when the cold snaps subside, spring will be around the corner and these pretty pieces will brighten you up for the warmer weather...Contemporary and fresh, Georgini Steel is making a statement in international fashion, as stainless steel is the metal of choice when it comes to long lasting shine. Whether you prefer silver, gold or rose gold, the collection features beautiful designs in all three, offering you the versatility that fashion trends demand.

Hot summer weather won’t affect Georgini Steel- it’s resistant to tarnishing, long wearing and it’s also considered to be hypoallergenic.

What I love about Georgini steel is its affordability- starting at just R249, you don't have to pick and choose- you can afford to splurge a little and have a few pieces to accessorise any outfit- it's definitely the new emerging trend in jewellery.

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