Preview - Menghi Shoes

Let me introduce you to the chic grown up version of jelly shoes, they remain practical, fun and now have a stylish mature element to them too! Jelly shoes are the epitome of Summer 2011.

Jelly shoes or “jellies” were part of a fashion stable during the early to late 80′s. Mind you the Jellies were not only popular in the U.S. but all over the world as well. The Jellies actually were brought to the U.S. by a guy named Preston Haag who went on a trip to South America. Preston saw people wearing them all over and struck a deal with the manufacturing company “Grendene” to distribute these fabulous shoes within the U.S.. It’s said that Bloomingdale’s were the one who bought and sold these jellies from the Grendene company and popularized them the world over.


Preview - Menghi Shoes

These shoes are not only fun to wear but they’re also easy to wear.

Designers have been on the roll in making them fashionable haute couture for the feet.

Two -Melissa Jelly Flat Cream Sandals 


The new Vivienne Westwood for Melissa jellies, in assorted colours


At the beach or by the pool, Burberry’s signature check jelly flats are simply vacation perfect! 



No name brand I bought in them


From beach to street these Aerie Transparent jelly Sandals are for every location.



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