Knee-Length Boots 

Omnipresent and omnipotent, the knee-length boot is the god of fashion this season in the heaven of shoes. Wear them in black, red, brown and tan, they look sexy and stylish.




Wool Coat

This winter coat can make your outfit look dressy and stylish, no matter what you wear underneath. Stunning in black, cream, red and brown.




Skinny Leg Trousers 

This is a perfect look with knee-high boots and a fitted jacket or an oversized knit sweater.







An Anorak 

A sporty anorak with or without a fur-lined hood. Faux-fur options abound this season. It keeps you warm and is a great casual look.





Loose Over-Sized Knit Sweaters

Choose a warm wool sweater with a wide ribbed waistband and a slouchy, over-sized fit that shrugs on your shoulders and reminisce about Clara in Fame and the chick in Flashdance.






Patterned tights 

Its the cheapest way to freshen up a new look and looks great with skirts and winter shorts.




A Chunky Scarf

Choose one made from big, thick yarn that feels smooth against your skin. Cashmere is the obvious call, but acrylic yarn is surprisingly soft and affordable. 



Dramatic Nail Polish

 Summer’s over so forget your pretty pearly shades - I’m saying, go for dramatic dark colours like purple, electric blue, olive and lincoln in the park OPI colour.






Ugg Boots 

What can we say? The fleece, the warmth... Ok, they’re still cool for winter.





Strong Lipstick

This season's new lip colours are a little gaudy—in a good way. Stop-sign reds and corals (great on medium to dark skin), bright blue-reds and hot pinks (for pale skin). Apply them with your finger or a sponge-tip wand (like the ones in eye-shadow compacts).





A Slouchy Oversized Bag

Look for an unsctructured bag with a sturdy handle and a bottom that won't sink. The look you want is relaxed sag, not grocery bag. For those of us with more to carry than a mobile and a Visa like Liv Tyler in the credit card commercial, the larger bag news comes as a great relief. I can’t clutch everything I own. Go the over-the-shoulder satchel.




Burgundy Eye Shadow

A shade of wine so earthy, it’s no longer purple, but a brown-plus. Or try smudging brown shadow under the eye and on the crease, and dust a true burgundy only on the upper lid. “That’s just enough to make the eyes pop without seeming too reddish,” says makeup artist Pat McGrath.


A Spicy Scent

The right scents this time of year are warm, with spicy notes such as amber, clove, and nutme.

They linger much longer in cool weather.


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