For Fall/Winter 2012 fashion designers have presented us with an amazing variety of trends. Some are new and wild and others are those that we are already accustomed to. Here is the list:

Fashion Trend #1: Androgyny:The whole world seems to be changing. Men become more like women and women attempt to look and act more like men. Fashion just can’t stay away from this global trend. As a result we see men’s shirts, suits, boots, and hats in minority of Fall/ Winter 2012 designer collections: Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana, Sonia Rykiel, Stella McCartney, Balenciaga, and others.

Trend #2: Colour:For colder seasons designers normally prefer using neutral or reserved colours like black, brown, navy, cream, dark violet, etc. However, for Fall/ Winter 2012, the collections flourish in brighter varieties like crimson, neon orange, purple, sky blue and others. Besides, these luminescent tones can come in daring combinations. See Haider Ackermann, Alberta Ferretti, Victoria Beckham, Tommy Hilfiger, Burberry Prorsum, and other designers and brands for inspiration.

Trend #3: Fetish:This trend has come about quite unexpectedly. The most surprising thing is that so many designers have taken it so seriously. Marc Jacobs has built both Louis Vuitton and Marc Jacobs collections on fetish and dominatrix themes. Gaga’s favourite designer Mugler, Giles, Antonio Berardi, Marios Schwab as well as Viktor & Rolf and Givenchy have all featured this Fall/ Winter 2012 trend in their assortments.

Trend #4: Texture Overload:Everything is diversified in Fall/ Winter 2012 collections. Silk comes aside fur and knitwear; sequins and leather make the best combination and plastic joins the element of chiffon and wool.

Fashion Trend #5: 40s Elegance:Here fashion repeats itself. In Fall/ Winter 2012 40s elegance is once again a hot trend. The best approach to reinvent this fashion era has been recognized by Gucci, John Galliano, Miu Miu and Jonathan Saunders.

Trend #6: Midi and Maxi skirts:Miniskirts are always popular, especially with youngsters. But for Fall/ Winter 2012 embracing longer length skirts is the way to go. These can look as sexy as mini’s, but sex appeal does and always will depend on how you wear your clothing. Find midis and maxis in Dries Van Noten, Chloe, Balenciaga, Roland Mouret, Antonio Marras, St.John and other designer collections.

Trend #7: Prints:The variety of prints in Fall/ Winter 2012 collections have become huge: from teeny tiny polka dots in Gucci and broken glass in Stella McCartney to girly paisley in Anna Sui and bold flowers in Versace. There are also baroque prints in Jonathan Saunders, photographic flowers at Giambattist Valli, Miu Miu’s dazzling spring flowers, enlarged feathers at Ungaro, panthers in Givenchy’s, and plenty of other prints in many of other designer collections.

Trend #8: Pleats and Frills:While gender mixing trends are going forward at a steady rate, some designers think that femininity should be preserved. Pleats, frills, cute rosettes and lovely embroidery help us women look romantic. The prettiest pleats can be found in Valentino, Oscar de la Renta and Christian Dior collections.

Trend #9: Zoological:Besides your general leopard and python zoological prints, which we tend to see time and time again, for this Fall/ Winter 2012 fashion trends, we see lots of feathers, wild animals printed on fabric (Givenchy, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Topshop and Ungaro), hats in shape of lions and panthers at Anna Sui, etc. Fashion goes really wild.

Trend #10 Chunky Knit Sweater:Fall and winter are undeniably cold seasons, so there is no wonder that designers have included warm chunky sweaters into their collections. Missoni is the main producer of knitted sweaters. You can see a great variety of knitted items in their Fall/ Winter 2012 line.

Trend #11: Fur: Alongside sweaters, fur is the perfect material for winter. And it is assuredly chic as well. But with the severe struggle in the protection of animals, designers have become a lot wiser and have started using more faux fur than genuine one’s. Yes, most fashions do look like real fur, but one thing that should be noted, designers make real fur look like fake and fake fur look like genuine.

Trend #12: Fur and leather often come together:Indeed, they make a great combination. For Fall/ Winter 2012 fashion season leather is a huge trend. You can go for an entire leather look like Hermes offers or you can restrict yourself to separate items or even details in leather.

Trend #13: Layers: In spite of the fact that fashion experts often criticize layers in fashion; they are the best for those cold times. The more layers, the warmer you feel, unless your layers aren’t too slinky of course.

Trend #14: Coats: Fall and winter are all about outerwear. Coat designers have presented us with a very wide and diverse range. One can opt for a military coat from Versace, young and sensual cropped trench from Burberry, or a luxury coat from Michael Kors or Gucci. Oscar de la Renta suggests cropped hooded coats that are trimmed with fur. Hermes insists we should try wider poncho style coats. As you can see the variety is limitless.


Trend #15: Wide cropped trousers: This is the shape of trousers that majority of women try to avoid. But, if styled well these trousers can look fantastic.

Trend #16: Sheer: Sheer trend isn’t the wisest for fall and winter but it is still popular. The best sheer dresses, skirts and blouses are in Christian Dior, Gucci, Alexander Wang, Mugler, Blumarine and Michael Kors collections.

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