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Have you ever thought that many movies have the same story lines? Or that you swear you have seen that specific movie before? Or even that you swear you have seen the movie by resemblance of a cover but in actual fact you haven’t. I most certainly have, most movies have a similar story line, or some even the same, producers and directors are different or they have just changed the actors. Some of you might think that I am not from this planet, and some of you might agree. To back my statement, I have found something that will most probably freak you out and make you take a second look.

A Loner Viewed From Behind

Usually accompanied only by their weapon of choice.

“Everything is a remix,” says the title of the famous short documentaries by Kirby Ferguson, discussing how newly created work is strongly influenced by existing work. You don’t have to look far to see it – just look at the movie posters. Christophe Courtois a French Blogger took the liberty of putting together some montages of similar movie posters which illustrate perfectly how everyone copies everyone.

Back To Back, Viewed From the Side

 The Between-the-Legs Shot

In Bed

The Big Eye


Black & White Action Movie Posters

Running In the Street, At a Tilt And Tinted Blue 

Big Heads over Tiny People on a Beach

Building a Face Out of Other Objects

 Lady In Red

Justice Is Blind

Big Block Font Right Over the Face

Reflection In Sunglasses

Public Bench

Via: feeldesain.com

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Comment by Shaamila Cassim on May 28, 2012 at 13:41

its all become a blur...

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