Cellulite Detox-Body Oil

This oil is formulated to naturally assists the body to eliminate toxins, preventing the build up of fatty deposits (this application is to be done in conjunction with Lymph Drainage Massage). Blended with Lemongrass, Cypress, Geranium, Grapefruit pure distilled essential oils.

Recommended Use: Cellulite oil can be used daily as part of a slimming detox regime; massage briskly into affected areas. For maximum absorption, body brush or exfoliate with scrub before applying. Alternatively add two cap fulls for a detoxifying bath. NOT FOR USE DURING PREGNANCY

Slimming Detox-Body Cream

Contains a botanical blend of seaweed, ivy, horsetail, queen-meadow and biting clematis for its effective slimming and firming action. Enriched with caffeine, Guarana extract, Carnitine, Cysteic acid and Pantethene sulfonate which trigger lipolysis in adipocytes, enhances the hydrolosis of triglycerides and accelerates the oxidation of free fatty acids in the mitochondria.

We prefer to work at creating activity in the cell, so we can turn the fat into energy rather than losing water to show loss in centimeters. It is vital for the skin to retain water to continuously hydrate and keep cells young and healthy.

Recommended Use: Massage into the effected areas, as part of a detox slimming program. Very effective after body brushing of exfoliation.

ESL Notes: I have been using the oil in the night and the body cream in the day - everyday for a month now. It drains the fluid retention, you feel less bloated and firms your skin. You look slimmer, feel better and it gives you an overall feeling of health. I love this product and I recommend it to everyone!

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Comment by Nomsa Kagiso on December 5, 2011 at 14:42
I use africology and I love it:)it's become part of my daily routine.
Comment by Lauren Wasserzug on December 5, 2011 at 21:24
Love this packaging. Makes you want to try it.

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