Duepunti is a diamond silicone ring from Milan made in Italy which is know as the unconventional diamond because the setting is not gold or platinum.  In Italian DUE is two & PUNTI is point and a 0.02 carat is mounted in sterling silver & set in silicone of which 19 vibrant colours can be selected in small medium or large.  The idea behind the brand is the fusion of two elements, the classical diamond and the unconventional material being used, the silicone.  This is an innovative and daring jewel that makes diamonds accessible to everyone.  Duepunti is a vision you create depending on your mood it is versatile & can be worn dressed up or down to add glamour, style or just make a point.  The design has a patent license which is a technical setting to ensure the diamond is secure for your enjoyment so you can sparkle.  This is the 1st in the world and has just launched into the South African market.


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