OK, so this may seem like a fairly easy task for some but for many it’s one of the most frustrating DIY grooming tasks whereby you quit as soon as you've started, head over to the salon and pay for the job to be done by a professional.


However, as our economy is in a downward spiral, we find our pockets heading in the same direction and so maybe it’s not such a bad idea to DIY and save a couple of bucks .  Madeline Poole, NYC’s most beloved nail artist shares her tips with us to get the perfect mani.  Poole has her own special technique that she pioneered because "nail polish is a tricky substance, it dries quickly, so it tends to become goopy if messed around with too long. The method I use is a quick way to evenly cover the surface and avoid drying out the brush." 


Refinery29.com whom interviewed Poole, turned her tips into a useful, shareable infographic…Nothing fancy, totally foolproof — just the very basics on how to paint your nails at home, and not feel like a failure after the fact. 

                                                   Illustrated by Elena Giavaldi

First Image from Nailmove.com

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