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Interesting fact – the Volkswagen Touareg shares the same MLM platform as the prestigious Bentley Bentayga, the ferocious Lamborghini Urus, the sporty Porsche Cayenne and the luxurious Audi Q7. How’s that for a long list of impressive SUVs! No surprise then that the new Touareg is the most technologically advanced Volkswagen model of its era.

Volkswagen owns all these brands. In the interests of economy, the group creates outstanding bases in which each of its brands builds their cars. Their way. Think of it like building your own pizza. You get the very best wheat, flour and all the other goodies needed to make what is arguably the best pizza base in town. Before it is baked to perfection, it is shared with a varied group of eager chefs. Each gets to make their version of the best-tasting pizza with their toppings.

The VW brand has grown its business by targeting the masses. They create cars for everyone. Quality at affordable prices is their modus operandi. The Touareg is the flagship model in the range; the very best of what the brand has to offer.  So, it is no surprise that the Touareg is very good.

What is surprising is just how good the new 3rd generation - the biggest version of the Touareg - is.

From a design perspective, Head Designer, Klaus Bischoff says: “We wanted to create something with this front end that had never been seen before. We combined the chrome elements of the front end and the new LED light system of the Touareg so that the transition between design and technology blended into a new entity. Innovative, expressive and impossible to imitate. This front end makes the new Touareg one of the most distinctive SUVs on the global market. “

Despite its added size and bold styling, the combination of aluminium and steel construction has allowed for a weight saving of 106 kg over its predecessor.

Ergonomic advantages are a massive 810-liter boot that’s 113 liters bigger than the 2nd generation. The cabin is also very spacious in any of the five seats; debating its cavernous size is superfluous – it is very roomy.

Design, technology, handling and comfort are pillars on which the new Touareg has been engineered. With that said, these pillars appear as highlights for the new Touareg that compile its attractive offering.


Its dashboard for one is unique - “Innovision Cockpit” - provides the blueprint for the digital interior of tomorrow. As an example – there are two massive fully digitalised instruments panels. Behind the steering wheel is 12-inch display for speedometer and rev counter readings. This screen, like the larger infotainment one, is fully customisable. The 15-inch Discover Premium infotainment system displays all the car’s infotainment functionality. The two screens merge to form an electronic wall of magic. It literally looks like two laptop screens have been seamlessly integrated into the car’s dashboard. 

These systems run the car’s digital, information, communication and entertainment operation. Almost all conventional buttons or switches have been replaced with dozens of touchscreen buttons. The system is so advanced that it learns your behaviour and adapts to you. The system is also customisable for the use of the following function Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC), Cruise Control System, Speed Limiter, Front Assist (front assist monitoring system), Night Vision (night vision system), Driver Alert System, Tyre Monitoring System, Navigation System and Audio Functions.

The driving experience is also influenced by the car’s technology offering. The list is so long that the press release is 16-pages. So, in short, there are a host of monitoring and detection tools built into the car’s body that act to a large degree as a guardian angel and a silent chauffeur in one - assisting and protecting you on your journey. The car will keep you in your lane with gentle nudges. In anticipation of an accident, through intelligently calculated and calibrated systems, an audible warning alerts the driver and intervenes with the appropriate brake pressure. There is the option of Infrared Night Vision that detects pedestrians. This system also warns the driver and uses its smart full LED lighting system to project light on the pedestrians to prevent an accident.


Not just a travelling computer, the Touareg has long been respected for its off-roading capabilities and brute strength for towing. The combination allows the Touareg to tow up to 3,5 tons.

Additionally, the car is fitted with Air Suspension. This allows the car to be raised by 7cm for off-roading and lowering by 4cm for easier loading.

I could go on and on about the Touareg. This is an outstanding vehicle that offers so much for its price. This segment brings a host of very capable cars albeit they are more expensive. Rand for Rand, its closest competition is the Audi Q7 and Volvo XC90.

Which would you choose?

Plus +

  • Performance
  • Comfort
  • High-levels of technology


Minus –

  • Expensive technology options


The competition

The BMW X5, Audi Q7, Mercedes-Benz GLE, Jeep Grand Cherokee, Land Rover Discovery/Range Rover Sport and Porsche Cayenne.



3.0 V6 TDI 8-speed automatic 190kW (Luxury)                    R999 800

3.0 V6 TDI 8-speed automatic 190kW (Executive)              R1 088 200


Service and warranty

The new Touareg comes standard with a 5 year/100 000km Maintenance Plan, 3 year/120 000km warranty, 12-year anti-corrosion warranty and space saver spare wheel. Service Interval is 15 000km.


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