Different Types of Stainless Steel Surface Finishes and Polishes

Surface finish is regarded as an important part in any kind of specification of stainless steel. For different types of applications where appearance or looks play an important part finish is regarded as a design element and this must be given special attention. In non-decorative applications where looks or appearance is not more important, good surface finish is considered as an important part because it saves the object from general wear and tear, friction etc. Good stainless steel finish is significant because of its low maintenance and corrosion resistance. Thus, it should be chosen carefully and should be specified in proper way.

The selection of stainless steel finish should never be left to the supplier alone. The stainless steel finishes should follow the instructions and specifications by a standard industry designation.

Type of Finish:

Stainless steel finishes are available in wide range of special finishes and the majority of finishes can be differentiated in three major groups. You can select a finish as per your requirement and purpose of use.

-mechanically polished stainless sheet finishes

-mill finishes

-special finishes

Different Types of Finishes and Designs:

There are a wide variety of decorative finishes that is available, but it is important to give a closer look to the selection or choice of the most appropriate finish. Stainless steel sheets are extensively used in commercial and hygienic industries like restaurants and hospitals because they are low in maintenance and easy to clean. Different types of consumer products like the catering equipment well-polished stainless steel sheets has a strong appeal because of its lustre and shine. Apart from the shiny appearance of the stainless steel there are a great number of functional features that should be taken into consideration. In health industry, well-polished stainless steel is used as it helps in reducing the bacteria that may be retained by the object.

In aggressive environments like in nuclear and in offshore industries, well-polished stainless steel surface has a better resistant to the corrosion than if the surface is roughly polished. In fact, smoother surfaces are generally less susceptible to any form of deposit build up. Stainless steel finishes generally have better performance than other type of product especially for the highly visible applications; the appearance of stainless steel is extensively used for applying critical designs.

Different types of finishes and fabrications:

Some fabrication processes include painting and gluing that may require a rough surface finish. However, a smooth and well finished surface requires less physical effort than the coarse or rough surface materials. In certain cases, satin finishes can be applied because of an improved visual outlook.

Different types of mill finishes:

The majority of mill finishes have a dull or matt finish that is not suitable for decorative purposes. The general finishes that are available are 2D finishes, 2B finishes, 2R (Bright Annealed) finishes etc.

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