Fact 1

Colombian sports fans brought their friend's dead body and coffin to a soccer match.

Christopher Jacome, a 17-year-old Colombian soccer fan, was tragically gunned down while playing his beloved sport. After his funeral wake, a group of friends carried him and his coffin to the local soccer stadium to catch one final match! Cucuta Deportivo, Christopher’s favorite team, was playing on that day. Hundreds of people stormed the gates and overwhelmed stadium officials, who apparently let the coffin through with little resistance. Though Jacome’s death was not directly related to soccer, it’s pretty cool that his buddies decided to honor his memory in this way...though I wouldn’t recommend repeating this stunt to anyone.


Fact 2

Grapes EXPLODE when you put them in the microwave!

If you don't believe me watch the video of an exploding grape.



Fact 3

The total weight of all the ants on Earth is about the same as the weight of all the humans on earth.

Ants also outnumber us a million to one! They also can lift weight twice their size! If they ever wanted to turn on us, they could just pick us all up and throw us in the ocean. 


Fact 4

The founder of Facebook never graduated from college.

This is not to say that he couldn't have graduated - he just DIDN'T. Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg chose to suspend his studies at Harvard during his second year to pursue web development full time. It looks like it may have been a decent decision for him. After the recent multi-billion dollar investment from Goldman Sachs he's now worth over $14 billion!

Despite all his success, Zuckerberg is the first to admit that he would not be where he is without his education, even his short stint at Harvard. To solidify this point, he invested $100 million to the Startup Education Foundation. Moral of the story: unless you're the next Zuck (or Bill Gates, another notable Harvard dropout) STAY IN SCHOOL.


Fact 5

In Japan they have square watermelons.


They get square watermelons by growing them inside of square glass cases. That way they can fit easily into a refrigerator, and you can stack things on them. Square watermelons are expensive though (10,000 yen or about $82). Compare that to regular round watermelons which cost about $15-20 in Japan.



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Love all the facts

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