Fact 1

The song "Kung Fu Fighting" only took ten minutes to record.

In 1974, Indian-born producer Biddu needed someone to record the song "I Want to Give You My Everything," so he contacted vocalist Carl Douglas. The single needed a quick and easy B-side, so Biddu composed a melody and Douglas provided some lyrics. The B-side was based on the martial arts craze that had been sweeping the nation. This fad was due to hits such as the David Carradine TV show Kung Fu and the film Enter the Dragon starring Bruce Lee. After cobbling together a quick recording, the record company insisted that "Kung Fu Fighting" be switched to the A-side of the single. This proved to be quite a shrewd decision - selling over 9 million copies, the song became a #1 single worldwide and made Carl Douglas an overnight sensation!






Fact 2

Social media has overtaken porn as the #1 online activity!

So much for that age old saying "the internet is for porn." 


Fact 3

A 29-year-old is about to become Britain's youngest grandfather because his 14-year-old daughter became pregnant.

The daughter has been impregnated by her 15-year-old boyfriend of a few months and is due to give birth sometime in August. Coincidentally, the grandfather-to-be was also 14 years old when his daughter was born! The family must be genetically predisposed to teen pregnancy or something, because he was also born when his mother was 18. The man's grandmother and great-grandmother are also alive, meaning that whenever the baby is born, the family will have representatives from SIX generations alive at one time!



Fact 4

The use of "Caucasian" to refer to white people is both inaccurate and technically racist.

The word literally refers to people from the Caucasus Mountain region of the Middle East, but has grown to encompass most peoples of European ancestry. Caucasian is now frequently as the politically correct substitute for 'white' in the same way that 'African-American' serves as an alternative to 'black.' 

However, this terminology has some unfortunate origins and implications. It comes from the idea that the inhabitants of the Caucasus displayed the ideal human features. Therefore, the inference was made that this region was the birthplace of mankind. This is all based on the inherently racist idea that white people exhibit the best human characteristics! This formerly accepted logic is also severely flawed because humanity is now known to have originated from Africa. 

For more on this subject, check out this blog poston ScienceBlogs. Also included in the blog: why the world "populations" is more accurate and appropriate when we normally refer to "races" or "ethnicities".


Fact 5

You're more likely to die on your way to buy a lottery ticket than you are to actually win the lottery.


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Comment by alexandra avgitidis on July 14, 2011 at 18:36
haaa haaa...I better be careful when I go to the spar for my lottery ticket...
Comment by Shaamila Cassim on July 16, 2011 at 0:53
Did you know..Biddu is Brilliant..His Discography consists of many of our favourite 70s songs..I have one of my favourites "Eastern Journeys" playing as I write this.
Comment by Did You Know? on July 16, 2011 at 7:35
@ Shaamila- I didn't know. Thanks for sharing

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