DMK unveiled their two latest groundbreaking product offerings this past month, namely, TransGenesis and Fiberblast.


TransGenesis, catchphrase is “The ULTIMATE Anti-Ageing Crème -

Transcending Time and Giving You a New Beginning.

This sounds absolutely amazing but what is it?  It’s an anti-ageing skincare cream that seeks to exfoliate and hydrate the skin while encouraging the production of collagen. The formula contains a selection of ingredients that focus on exfoliating dead skin cells as well as hydrating the skin, including refined glycol amino acids and peptides to stimulate fibroblast cells. Red caviar enzymes deliver a smoother, more refined texture of the skin as they exfoliate and renew the skin cells while amino acids produce cell development and increase the longevity of the skin’s healthy vibrancy. Natural medicines and immune-boosting agents increase younger cell activity while essential geranium oils provide stimulating notes of natural fragrance.

The cream is paraben-free with no artificial colours or fragrances which makes this product suitable to all skin types, even the sensitive one’s, such as mine. 


Anyone who is concerned about the effects of aging skin will benefit from the potent blend of active ingredients used in TransGenesis Crème whilst another benefit is that a significant portion of the income derived from the sales of TransGenesis will go to charity. This is how the brand is giving back and standing by what they believe in-REBUILDING SKIN, REBUILDING LIVES.





FIBERBLAST C is “THE WORLD’S MOST POTENT ANTI-AGING SOLUTION” is an amazing product produced in a liquid powder form and designed to be used topically on fine lines, pigmentation or wherever firming or lifting is needed in a particular area. Its incredible ability to reduce the effects of ageing is unsurpassed by anything else available.

Liquid Powder is neither liquid, nor powder. It is a very fine, dry, free-flowing powder that is predominantly liquid. It is one of the latest advances in skincare technology developed by Dr. Danné Montague-King. The powerful liquid powder formula ensures that Vitamin C in its purest form penetrates the skin and is delivered right down to your skin cells where it stimulates fibroblast cell activity to keep you looking young.


So, if these products really do as they say, guess I’ll be changing brands for good very soon.



For your nearest stockist contact DMK SA 011 262-6120

For further information go to


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