Bring out your Bête noire! New Kirsten Goss Collection

The definition of the french phrase "bête noire" is usually someone or something which is particularly disliked, an object of aversion, but believe me, the new Kisten Goss Collection is definitely something you won't want to avoid! The "bête noire" elements are all there: irreverence, boldness and cheeky attitude; a break-all-the-rules collection, featuring colour clash and oversized pieces, which aren't for the timid (or the sheepish). Yet the integrity of the artisan jeweller remains: luxurious semi-precious stones have been handled with the same meticulous care one has come to expect from Kirsten Goss ,held together in a mix of sterling silver, 18kt gold vermeil and brass. 

Emphasis on elegance and luxury can be felt throughout, with a focus on the craftsmanship as well as the impact of the piece.

Saturated pastels and exotic jewel tones are paired confidently, defying the norm and creating startling results.

It's all just too alluring and'll bring out the "Bête noire" in you!

Kirsten Goss in South Africa

Johannesburg : 011 447 2234

Cape Town : 021 424 3453

Durban : 031 312 7573

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