As we all know, the age of print and traditional media is declining. Companies all over the world are always looking for better and more innovative ways to brand their products. Branding has become a physical, social and psychological experience. The brand experience is the concept of the brands identity as a whole; it is used to evoke certain feelings and emotions. In a world where we are constantly bombarded with advertising and media through marketing messages, Art plays a huge role as a medium for advertising agencies that use branded art installations. In order to make a bold statement about these products and services they need to engage with consumers through combining the right messages and context in the right environment. Branded art installations can create not only an entertaining experience, but a memorable one as well through allowing consumers to interact with these brands in a meaningful way. Nowadays the successful branding campaigns include multi-dimensional, two-way communication where consumers can participate, share and interact with the brand through their experiences. Featured here is a list of the best branded art installations seen around the world.

Captured in Sao Paolo, Brazil, a mannequin soccer player is across the street which is a part of the installation.

This innovative ‘billboard’ uses snow cannons to make it look like the man has really fresh breath

Lego decided to strategically use one of the best located cranes in Santiago to hang a giant lego block as advertisement.

Sometimes explaining the meaning of your advertisement is not necessary, this one speaks for itself.

For promoting Coops paint, this Yellow paint drips off of the north side of the Atlas Building in Columbus, Ohio

The Rimmel Quick-Dry Nail Polish installation on the streets of London.

In an effort to push Havaianas floral-print sandals, this giant flip flop has been filled with tropical flowers. They are also there to remind people of Havaiana’s unique colors and designs, as well as their commitment to connect their consumers with the outdoors.

In an effort to advertise office products, this FedEx Kinko’s installation appeared in big cities across the nation

A branded approach to geeks at heart everywhere, artist Dale May immortalized Lego wars art with well loved brands, Chanel and Louis Vuitton.

This brilliantl advertisement brings the impression that the body builder is lifting heavy weights from the construction site.

Captured in Toronto, this installation demonstrates Pantene’s commitment to “Really Strong Hair,” climbers could even climb the oversized ponytails.

Coca-Cola quenching everyone’s thirst.


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Comment by Shaamila Cassim on July 30, 2012 at 13:15

Bloody Brilliant!!!

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