We took a glimpse into the life of super fashionista Melina Lambrakis. Sales and Marketing Director of the family run Europa Art Group, she is renowned for her taste in shoes.The brands in the fashion house include Preview, Europa Art Shoes and latest edition Dumond. Continue











We at neofundi, would like to remember Steve Jobs for the way he lived and for the way he inspired so many of us. Watch his powerful talk “How to live before you die” — in which Jobs urges us to pursue our dreams and see the opportunities in life’s setbacks, including death itself. Continue







Stunning photographs from the past that we just had to show you.

'Beauties levitating over Paris'- Shot in 1965 for Harper's Bazaar.









We highlight 7 fabulous artists exhibiting at the Contemporary Art Fair in Los Angeles. Pulse provides a platform for various galleries to exhibit work on contemporary art. Continue








Laurice's blog 'I was shot in Joburg' is one of those stories that after reading you can't help but feel inspired. Continue






Tasha takes us on an unforgettable food journey, through the vineyards of France, the great city of Constantinople(Istanbul) and the villages of Cyprus. Click Yummy to continue.






The full story behind 'Inspiration turned on its Head'. Motivational subversion at its finest. Continue








Shoelosophy - Stunning photographs of stylish ladies walking to and from various Fashion Shows in Milan and New York. Continue





Could the week end without mentioning Strato and his inspirational blog? 'The Eternal Light of Being'.

Big Thank You to Malee and ESL for the awesome gifts!

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