BACI by Perugina - Chocolates Greatest Love Story

The gift of chocolate is one of life’s sweetest treats; a thoughtful way of spoiling someone special or celebrating a happy occasion. The chocolate with perhaps the sweetest story to tell is Baci by Perugina, indulgent mouthfuls of super-premium confectionary, sharing the story of a secret romance.


Perugina was founded in 1907 in the medieval city of Perugia in Umbria, Italy. It’s founders, Giovanni Buitoni and patissiere; Luisa Spagnoli made all of the company’s pralines by hand. Finding themselves with chunks of leftover chocolate, they decided to turn these delectable little nuggets into gifts for customers visiting their shop, explains Clara Casaletti, exclusive importer and distributor for Perugina in the sub-Saharan area and the islands.


“Hazelnuts – famous in the North West region of Italy – became the delicious centres of these indulgent dark chocolate mouthfuls, and so the “cazzotto” (Italian for “fist” or “punch”) was born,” she says. “The name was chosen due to the chocolate’s irregular shape, but quite rightly, Buitoni and Spagnoli settled on a sweeter, softer word for their invention; “baci” (pronounced BAH-chee), Italian for “kisses.”


And, this charming story doesn’t end there: Luisa Spagnoli would wrap a little love note around each “bacio” (kiss) as a hidden “I love you” message to her special someone. Legend has is, that Mr. Buitoni himself who had captured her heart, and in the spirit of these special tributes, you’ll still find a little slip of paper in all Baci chocolates today. Collectables, these tiny love letters, are just waiting to be unwrapped, no matter what the occasion.

About BACI


BACI by Perugina are available in white, milk and dark chocolate variants. At the centre of each Bacio is a whole hazelnut, surrounded by a luscious whipped chocolate and chopped hazelnut filling that is coated in smooth, super-premium chocolate.

Available now in leading stores.

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