Arez Café- Luscious Lebanese food- A Family Affair!

If you love Middle Eastern food, look no further than Arez Café which is in the Morningview Shopping Centre on South Rd in Sandton. The menu features scrumptious fare cooked up by TV producer and radio presenter Alan Ford's gorgeous Mom, Carol Ford and Lebanese-born Alice Latouf.

The menu features a sumptuous variety of what I call 'food to share'- the traditional Hummus, perfect for vegetarians, Baba Ghanouj- egg plant dip- the crispiest Falafel ever, spicy Malfouf- cabbage rolls stuffed with mince and rice, Warak Enab- same but with grapevine leaves, Kibbeh Balls- meatballs with pine nuts and sauteed onions and the most crunchy spinach and meat pies you've ever tasted.

Yours truly with the Mamas- Alice Latouf (left) and Carol Ford (centre)

Carol comments

"CAFÉ AREZ has been a lifelong dream of my youngest son Brett,who opened the shop together with his dad,  Alan. ( yet another Alan Ford! ). They created a little piece of Lebanon in the heart of Sandton, where old friends meet and new friends are made. It is a destination for young and old, to smoke the hubbly, drink some Arak, eat meze and play backgammon, as you would in the cafés you find along the streets of Lebanon".

The best thing about Middle Eastern food, apart from the variety and flavour, which is mind-boggling- is the whole experience of sharing the meal and trying out different tastes and textures- it's all so joyful and makes for a wonderful evening. The 'Mamas' have trained their qualified chefs to produce this magnificent feast - the recipes have been passed down from generation to generation.

There are hubbly bubblys aplenty and a warm, family ambiance. 

Plenty of pita bread with mouth-watering fillings...

Spinach and meat pies- YUM

Desserts to die for- no Banting here-

After all, the belly-dancing will take care of the calories...

Take Aways are also available!

Arez Café- Shop 8

100 South Rd

Morningview Shopping centre

Phone: 011 883 3611 or 078 0020080

Take Aways are also available

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