What do you get when you put Alchemist and Fashion in the same sentence?  Clothes that change colour according to the climate of course….


Alchemist, Lauren Bowker has embedded ink that changes colour depending on different climatic conditions into a feathered garment using a pollution-absorbent ink called PdCl2, which changes colour from yellow to black in dirty conditions then reverts back in fresh air.


Her philosophy behind this is that she wants to “offer luxury attire enhanced with technical magic that will lead fashion. I trust in the unseen world around us, it can offer beauty, magic and faith. I want others to see what I see."


Bowker has designed clothing and sculptures to demonstrate how the inks she has developed blend from one colour to another depending on the surrounding environment.  Her extravagant PHNX fashion pieces were made from feathers impregnated with the ink, which respond to light, heat and friction so they ripple with changing tones as the wearer moves.


It’s absolutely incredible what comes together with art and science intertwined. Watch the video link below to see for yourself



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