Aluminium Fabrication in South Africa

Metals play some role in every home and workplace helping to improve our lifestyles daily. From basic tools to large appliances, we use metal items. One such metal is aluminium which is strong, durable, corrosion resistant and affordable, so it is inevitably a popular choice for manufacturers within the industry.

However, before we turn the raw aluminium into a product, we must turn it into pre-made shapes suitable for assembly use. This process is called metal fabrication. The aluminium fabricators of South Africa perform this process known as fabrication before sending products to the assembly unit.

1. How is aluminium fabrication processed?

Aluminium fabrication is processed either through;

Cutting: Most common aluminium fabrication process, the sheets are cut and split into smaller pieces. A variety of machines like plasma cutters, lasers and high-tech machinery are used for cutting.

Welding: Opposite to cutting, the smaller aluminium pieces are joined together by welding. You can weld aluminium sheets, bars, panels etc. Numerous tools and methods are used for welding.

Casting: This is one of the oldest methods, the aluminium is melted and poured into a mould, known as casting. Not only is it one of the most flexible methods of fabrication, but is best for complex shapes.

Machining: Machining refers to the method where a machine is used for removing parts from an aluminium piece. Machining is mainly used to trim the corners and edges of the piece to ensure that the finished article is clean.

Punching: Punching is applied for fabrication when holes are needed in an aluminium piece. The piece is placed under a die and a drill is used to punch through it. In some cases, this method is used for fastening latches, in other cases, the part with the holes is extracted from the rest of the sheet to form a smaller part.

Stamping: The die is not only used for punching, but it is also used in the stamping method. The difference with the punching method, is that this method is not applied to create holes, it is intended to raise a part of the metal without penetrating it.

2. Industries that use Aluminium Fabricated Products are;

Construction: Fabricated aluminium is used a lot in the building and construction industry. Customised pieces are created through fabrication for use in staircases, decking, fire escapes etc. Even the building structures use fabricated aluminium. Moreover, miscellaneous accessories used in construction are manufactured from it.

Hardware: Aluminium fabricated products are very popular in the hardware and tools industry.

Hardware components: These include computer systems like computer cases, modems, motherboards, monitors, hard drives etc. for use at homes and offices.

Small tools: Aluminium fabricators of South Africa also contribute to metal parts manufacturing like nuts, bolts, screws. Machine and tool outlets only sell the products after the metal is fabricated.

Cutlery and hand tool: Hand tools like knives need to be sharp. It is the metal fabrication processes like cutting and casting that sharpen knives.

Architectural and structural industries: Fabricated aluminium shapes are used in small and large building structures. Building modern skyscrapers and higher buildings is easier with the use of fabricated structural beams. These beams also make the buildings stronger and fire resistant.

Shipping industry: Fabricated aluminium is used hugely in the shipping industry. Assembly parts to hold everything together, tanks and boilers are produced using fabricated aluminium pieces.

Spring and wire products: Springs and wire products are used in several processes which includes metal fabrication. The wires can be used in welding pieces of metals, crafts and manufacturing industrial machinery.

Speciality manufacturing: Fabricated aluminium parts are used in manufacturing original equipment for speciality manufacturing environments like the auto repair industry. This helps to replace problematic parts of a car.

Manufacturing products in daily use: Everyday items we use at home, can be made by fabricated aluminium. These include the blinds which block excessive sunlight, cans to store goods, door knobs and handles, heaters, locks and keys, latches, pots, fans, chairs, hinges for connecting doors to walls and cabinets, lamps, faucets, appliances like stoves, dishwashers, refrigerators, lenders, surface of a clothing iron, cables, kitchen sinks, fasteners etc.

The aluminium fabricators of South Africa are quite efficient and skillful at their job. You will be surprised at the amazing products made from fabricated aluminium that you interact with on a daily basis.

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